I heart Alan Tudyk.

Saturday was Dragon*Con. I met Alan Tudyk.

And the fangirlism raged within.

It was an AMAZING con. I daresay it was the best con experience I've had thus far. Merlin and I dressed up like River and Kaylee, respectively. We were adorable. People took our picture a lot. Next year we're gonna make Kaylee's pink ballroom dress for me to wear. A-heh.

We went to good panels and we met lots of awesome people (and a few not-so-awesome people). And did I mention I met ALAN TUDYK?? Holy cow. I could barely retrain myself. I love love love love Wash more than anything. I need to find a man just like him so I can marry him. And Alan is freaking hilarious. Ohmigosh. Him and Summer Glau (River) did a panel, and it was mostly just Alan behing ridiculous. I love him.

I only wish we could have stayed for the whole shindig. I mean, we stayed for some of it, met lots of rabid Firefly fanatics (including this guy I know from Chattanooga), and it was awesome fun. It would have rocked if we could've stayed, though. Next year we're definietly doing two days.

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