I have a confession to make.

I bought a Nintendo DS lite.

It's very, very sexy.

I got one of the pretty new black ones. It's sooo shiny. I got Animal Crossing (which is wierd) and Brain Age (which is awesome), and I really wanna get the new Mario Bros. game sometime soon. It's been ages and ages since I bought a handheld. The last one I bought was either a Game Boy pocket (a red one), or a Sega Game Gear. I wish so, so much that I hadn't gotten rid of my Game Gear. Le sigh. Anyway, I heart my DS. It's so pretty.

In completely different news, my parents are now officially back stateside. To stay. It's very bizzare. Where do I say I'm from now? Ah, the issues with being a missionary kid. Hn.

So I'm nursing this really big crush. On Gregory House. Mmmm, House. I'm borrowing Carson's copy of season 1. We're only like five episodes in, but last night we were watching that Christmas one with the nuns, and House was in a turtleneck and sport coat and playing the piano and my heart melted. I want one. I think it's the way he dresses. Men should always dress like he does. And canes are pretty hot, too.

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