busy already?

Didn't the school year just start? What's the deal here?

I've pretty much got a ton to do this week. Like a lot. Uugh. Statistics is bleah.

I think I'm getting less nervous about graduating. I'm betting the senioritis will set in soon. "I WANT OUT NOW!!" ...Yeah. Starting to feel it, a tiny, tiny bit. I want to stay in Chattanooga. I think. I don't know. But I'm not very worried about it. Today.

I have too much other stuff to worry about.

Today I am kind of missing the "good old days." Does that mean I'm getting old? I've recently realized I'm starting on my fourth year of living here. At this point in time, that's a pretty decent chunk of my life. I'm sure later it will seem like I was only here for two seconds, but for now...

Man, I can't even remember what happened my freshman year. Of course, that's fairly non-suprising, considering I can barely remember what I did yesterday. I wonder why I have such atrociously poor memory skills?

I really miss playing video games. My PS2 is dead right now. I really need to fix it... I think I can do it myself, it's just a matter of getting off my bum and doing it. And my computer right now is... well, it works, but I haven't been using it. Mostly because I'm gonna be ordering my desktop sometime within the next week. I think I'm just gonna get a Dell, no matter what JD and Palmer say. I'm mostly only getting a new computer so I can play games. Mmm, HL2, here I come!

...GAH. Dangit. I hate boys.

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ME said...

I <3 you!

and besides, boys have their uses.
they play risk with us for one thing.