uh, summer.

Oh yeah. Blog.

How does this happen, anyway? I turn around and BAM, I'm starting senior year. Freaky nai.

It's good to be back. It's wierd to be back. I'm living far away from a lot of people I wish I was closer to, and I'm living closer to some people that I wish I was farther away from. I miss people who are gone. There are so many new people.

Class starts tomorrow, and I'm kind of nervous. I want to do well. I'm depressed because the one class that ACTUALLY had something to do with what I want to do after school... got cancelled. I was very upset. But I still have 2D design to be my ray of sunshine amongst all the classes I have to take but don't want to... Beh.

Part of me wishes I went to an all-girl school. Why do boys cause so much trouble?

I like my apartment. But I hate that I have so much crap, and that I have no place to put it. I mean honestly, I probably don't have more stuff than anyone else, it's just that everyone else has all their junk at their parent's house, and I have to have all of mine here. It's annoying. But my parents will be living back in St. Louis soon, so I can get rid of some stuff...

I really, really hope this can be a good school year.

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