Well.  Hello, blog!  How have you been?

Sorry I haven't been spending much time with you.  Or anything else online, other than that blasted game that has consumed all my waking hours.

Hush.  I can hear your cries of protest from here.  Waste of time!  Rotting your brain!

Untrue, I tell you.  It's more... more like a long, ongoing process to excersice my creative writing.  It's a multi-player storytelling game, where you weave tales with a couple dozen other word artists.  People you don't know a thing about.  People you'll never meet.

People who know more about the inner workings of my brain than 75% of people I know in real life.

My character is not me at all, and yet... she is me.  Her insecurities and her personality flaws and her spirit?  I'll never admit it, but they're all mine.

So.  This is not a waste of the past few months of my life.  No, no, no.  It is expanding my vocabulary, and stretching my creative limits, and overcoming my fear of public speaking, and even a little bit of devling into my own soul and seeing what's in there.

Really.  Not a waste of time.  ...Really.

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//LAYAHEAD said...

Well, at least you've been doing something productive :)