Ada Lovelace Day

I'm not going to do a super in-depth post about Ada Lovelace day, though I do whole-heartedly support it.  I've always been really into the study of gender-role in technology, and influential women in computing.  I remember when I first learned about Ada Lovelace... probably for that paper I wrote in Eng 102, my "twenty page" paper that was really only thirteen pages but I still aced because I'm just that good.  I think the title was even, Women in Technology.  Poked around the internet a bit, and discovered my dearest, darling Ada Lovelace.  The person deemed as the first programmer, a woman?  In the 1840s?  Get out.  How ridiculously awesome is that?

Anyway, I'm no programmer (...*rolls eyes*) but I've been a big fan of Ada ever since that paper. I'm fairly certain I brought her up in every paper I ever wrote for my computer science degree. (Granted, this is comp sci we're talking about, so that really wasn't that many papers.  ...Getting off subject.)

Well.  Here is my nod to Ada Lovelace day, and I'm sorry I'm not writing anything more amazing and profound and thought-provoking.  Keep on being awesome, women in technology.  We rock.

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