Paul... has been taken care of.

That was insane.  I've never had that much of an adrenaline rush while writing, I could feel my heart beating so hard!  I was like, shaking.  That was crazy.


MzHartz said...

Congrats! (Well, you know what I mean. Hey, it makes sense in my mind.)

Speaking of writing, have you tried out Write or Die yet? http://lab.drwicked.com/writeordie.html I churned out 11,000 words last weekend using it!

Ryu said...

"Good for you. It was about time that wet rag was taken care of."

**gets shoved**

Hey! Get off my compy!!

**struggle over computer..**


Sorry, he got out of his straight jacket again... Anyway, congrats! you did it. I know it was hard. Keep it up!