Patient J.

So I'm not really one for fan made movies. Just... not my cup of tea, so much. I know Bat in the Sun is pretty quality, though. So I decided to watch Patient J. And it is MADE OF WIN. At first the Joker's voice put me off a little, but then I realized I actually really want to be making out with him. Leik nao plzkthx. Anyway it's worth watching, at least. Although I was a little taken aback that they went there with the HAY JASON TODD, MEET MAH CROWBAR thing. But eh. And also Red Hood's helmet kind of looked exactly like this trashcan I saw at Target once and I may or may not have started cracking up a lot. And Joker looking at the pictures of Bab, and being all "ooh... that poor white carpet!" ROFL. And OMG SPATS. If there's one thing that I literally cannot resist, it is a man in spats. The very ending might possibly have made me go EEEHEHEHE. Oh and ps: I'm not sure I agree with a few continuity matters in it.

Best line: Oooh, it's getting... dramatic in here. *cracks toes*

Other best line: Ya know... I get that a lot.

So go watch it. But do it on google video, cause I don't think all 5 parts are on youtube.

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