comic WANT list

- Mad Love
- Batman/Superman #51 & 52
- The Joker: Devil's Advocate
- Arkham Asylum: a serious house on serious earth
- Emperor Joker
- Joker's Asylum (...any of them that have pretty art)
- DC Comics Superdictionary (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!)
- The Batman Adventures #3, vol 2
- Gotham adventures #10
- No Man's Land, that one where Harley had gotten her hands on that self-help book, and was walking all over Mistah J. XD
- Umm, probably anything DCAU involving Joker
- Robin #85
- Gotham Adventures #1
- Detective Comics #826
- Batman: Black & White, vol 2 (really just for "case study"... Alex Ross! <3)
- The Batman Adventures #16, vol 2, "The Bride of the Joker" (HOW WAS THIS NOT ON MY LIST EARLIER.)

I think... I think I would like to have The Killing Joke. I know, it seems like such a no brainer, but I have a really hard time with what happens to Barbara. The pictures. It... it bothers me more than anything I've ever encountered in any fandom I've liked. It's such a damn good story, though. So iconic and amazing.

Also, I'd love to own whatever one had The Laughing Fish in it. Because... it's awesome.

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