drama queen.

So before I left school last year there was this guy I wanted to ask me out. But he never did. And I was sad. And I went back down to visit for graduation last week, and for some reason I felt very strongly compelled to tell that guy about how I was waiting for him to ask me out and then he didn't. I was totally gonna do it, too. But the opportunity never arose. I didn't even really get to say hi to him.

Um... so this was my pointless story of the day.

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Gid said...

i can sympathise. sounds like something i might've done. next time, do say something. life's too short not too. Lord knows i've been bulleted for sharing my feelings for someone once or twice, but if you don't, you'll never know, right?

oh- and thanks for reading my blog! if i could've got you idol tickets, i would have.