So, last night, I think I might've been somebody's guardian angel.

I was hanging out up on campus with my friends, and then (as so often happens) someone says, "Hey! Let's go to McDonalds!" So off we went. We were headed down the mountain the back way (to Tiftonia) when there were a bunch of cars kind of stopped on the road. There was this funny light in the ditch, and I was like, what the heck? Then suddenly I realized that funny light was someone's headlight, and her car was on it's side in the ditch. It must've just happened.

I had this interesting little internal dialog. It only took about a half a second, but I was thinking... we could just keep going, you know. There's a bunch of people stopped, surely someone else will get out. Steph has to make it back in time for practice.

Then I proceeded to stop the car, put on the emergency blinkers, and run across the road to the crashed car. See, this all looked rather familiar, because I rolled my Rav 4 back in high school once. Inside was a lady and her 8-year-old daughter. We couldn't get the trunk open, so three large and strong guys (thank God they were there!) climbed up on the passenger side of her car, held the door open, and pulled both of them out. They got out the little girl first, and I immediately started talking to her (Hey, how old are you? Do you guys live on the mountain? What grade are you in? ect...) to make sure she wasn't in shock. Actually, I'm red-cross certified in first aid. Betcha didn't know that, huh? Well anyway, the little girl was totally fine, not a scratch on her and she wasn't even in shock. The mom had a medium sized scratch on her arm and was in mild shock, but she was all right. Anyway by this point at least four people had called the police, so everyone was on their way. Those big guys took off, and I knew that we had to stay with these people until the police or her husband or someone came. No way were we just gonna leave them there by themselves.

So we waited with them. It didn't really take that long, the police were there in like 20 minutes. We just tried to keep them both calm and warm (just so happens yesterday was the first cold day of the season), Steph ended up leaving her puffy jacket with the little girl. We got the lady's scratch cleaned up. Then the police came, and we said goodbye, and that we'd be praying for them.

I never even got their names.

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