Dragon*con totally rocked my face off.

Where do I start? ...At the beginning, I suppose.

We got there Friday evening, after dinner. Checked in to our cute little hotel room in the fancy old hotel (built in 1911, how cool is that?) then... off to the convention. To be honest, I don't even really remember Friday night. It was such a long weekend, and we did so much, that Friday just seems too long ago. I suppose we wandered around. We didn't stay out too late, because we knew Saturday was gonna be a long, long day...

And it was. But it was also freaking awesome. That was the day I wore my lovely Kaylee dress (see bottom of post) that Merlin made for me. Merlin was dressed as River. We got there at like 10 am, and we were there till at least midnight. It was crazy awesome! I felt like a famous person, like three dozen people took my picture (I'm not exaggerating, for once!). Every two seconds someone was like "Wow, can I take your picture?" It was cool, but it made me very tired. Or maybe that was the corset. Anyway, what did we actually do on Saturday? We wandered around the dealer and exibit rooms... we went into the Walk of Fame, but we didn't actually meet anyone famous, because their lines were all like a million hours long. The Phelps twins were there, but their line was longer than anyone else's, so we just forgot about it. If they're not Alan Tudyk, it's not worth the effort... Anyway, we kind of just putzed around the whole day. Then that evening we went to the Shindig! It was... not that totally awesome, to be honest. We met some cool people in the Firefly costume contest (I didn't place, by the way, but a lot of people told me they thought I should've...), though, and it was kind of an adventure walking over to the other hotel for the Shindig with them. I wish I'd gotten Lars' email address... he was cool.

Then on Sunday Merlin was Tifa from FF7:AC, and I was Reno. It was fun, but we were so tired by that point. We hit up a couple panels, and just kinda chilled. Then we went home.

Pretty much the most awesome weekend ever. I adore cons... something about being with your own kind, you know? Everyone there knows what I'm talking about. They don't think I'm crazy. I fit in. Everyone there is nerdy and geeky and wonderful. Except the creepy almost-naked goth people. But we don't have to talk about them...

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