I think the rain is clearing. Which is good. My emotional health is strongly tied to the weather patterns. I feel tired and listless and blah when it's so foggy, even though the fog is freaking awesome. It was so thick for a while this morning that you could stand in the middle of the Chapel lawn and hardly be able to see any of the buildings.

I don't understand people. I'm kind of in one of those moods where I want to close myself away and only socialize with 2 or 3 select people, and not need to be around anyone else in human society other than those few. People are just annoying.

I'm just tired. I'm tired of being in school, yet I'm afraid of life after school. I get a wigged out when I think about what I'm going to do for the summer. The obvious thing to me is to move into an apartment here. I don't know, though. I don't really want to live by myself all summer, because Merlin will probably go home. She feels like she has to go to camp. And it's cheaper for her to live at home. But then I guess I pay the whole rent during the summer, then...? I could find a summer roommate, but I'd probably hate it. I don't like people very much. And, I also have to find a job. But that's scary and I refuse to think about it now.

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