mmm, culture.

I felt very culturally enriched this weekend. I saw The Prestige, which was insane and bizarre and dark and wonderful. How often do you see a movie that makes you really think? Passive-audience movies have been such the rage for the past few years, it's so refreshing to watch something where you're completely unable to just sit there. Your mind gets so engaged. I love.

Then on Saturday night Merlin and I dressed up all spiff and went to the opera. The Marriage of Figaro. It was amazingly hilarious. It was in Italian, of course, but the theatre had subtitles. Which sounds hokey, I know, but they did a really good job of it. I also like dressing up all classy.

Sunday we played Risk with Carson. He lost. We all got grumpy at each other. Just like the good old days. I miss it.

In other news, I hate men. They seem to exist to be annoying, and cause emotional upheaval. I think I just want to wait until I'm old enough to date a 30-something without it seeming scandalous.

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