a different kind of meme

1: Pick a few of your chars, at most 5.
2: Ask them these questions.
3: Tag 5 people.

I'm gonna use Lelila (my Improb Island char), Xytos and Aydin

1: Who/What are you?
Lelila: *raises an eyebrow, then doffs her top hat* Lelila, at your service. What am I? I'm not sure I like your tone, child. I am one of what you would call the Joker class. *smiles with very sharp looking teeth, and her eyes glow a little greener*

Xytos: *catches himself checking out Lelila, immediately snapping his attention back to the question* I'm Xytos and, uh... Well, it's kind of a long story... I have this sister, and we... Hn. *flicks his long, platinum hair* Tell you what, I'll buy you a drink some time, tell you the whole think, 'kay?

Aydin: *shifts nervously* Well, I am Aydin, son of Samos, and I am a paladin-class white mage.

2: Shut up
Lelila: *blinks, then bursts into laughter*

Xytos: *smirks, leaning back on the back two legs of his chair* You say it as if I don't hear that from women ten times a day.

Aydin: *pouts* Now, I would say there's no need for such language!

3: How old are you?
Lelila: *furrows her brow* That's... kind of a complicated question. At any rate, let's say... if I knew, I might tell you.

Xytos: One hundred and thirty two, this March.

Aydin: Nineteen and a half! Don't believe a jot of it when Ian tells you fourteen, you understand?

Lelila: *grins wickedly with her pointed teeth* Sure, why not?

Xytos: *raises an eyebrow* Only if you are female, hot, and preferably slightly intoxicated.

Aydin: *hesitates* Um... n-no thank you?

5: Got any bad habits?
Lelila: Mmm, probably... gambling. But I'm a Joker, I'm not sure that counts as a bad habit.

Xytos: *smiles that flawless smile of his* Of course not.

Aydin: *frowns* Only if you asked my brother. Just because I enjoy bathing once and again doesn't make me germophobic.

6: Boy or Girl?
Lelila: Girl. Unless The Watcher or Horatio decides to say otherwise. *shakes head* Poor Tor...

Xytos: All male, sweetheart, through and through.

Aydin: Boy.

7: Brothers or sisters?
Lelila: *shrugs* Maybe. Who knows? The memories I have before coming to the island are few and far between.

Xytos: *sighs, with a concerned look* A sister. I... I don't like to talk about it. Let's just say... we aren't exactly on the best of terms. As in, you know... she tends to blow up small villages when I'm around.

Aydin: *groans* Most unfortunately, a brother who causes me no end of grief.

8: Are you a virgin?
Lelila: *raises an eyebrow and smirks* Maybe.

Xytos: *laughs long and hard*

Aydin: *blushes madly* Of course I am! I'm no shameless man-hussy like my brother!

9: Any kids?
Lelila: Maybe if Kai would ever PROPOSE... *crosses arms*

Xytos: Oh good lord, no.

Aydin: *blinks* I'm only nineteen!

10: Ever killed anyone?
Lelila: *smirks* Only ones that needed it.

Xytos: *seriously* No. Not yet.

Aydin: *pales* Goodness, no.

11: Hate anyone?
Lelila: *considers for a moment* I suppose. Certain kittymorphs just... grate against me, you know?

Xytos: ....

Aydin: The armies from the North. We've been at war with them for nigh a decade now, and I am absolutely sick of hearing about it.

12: Do you love anyone?
Lelila: *laughs shortly* Well, let's see here. I would say I am in a rather serious relationship with Kai Victoria, but I am definitely in love with Count Sessine. I've also got quite the crush on Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen.

Xytos: Oh, darling... I love someone new every week!

Aydin: *blushes* No. Not yet.

13: What's your job?
Lelila: *monotonously, robotic* My mission is to seek out and destroy the Improbability Drive, as many times as required of me to win the war against Improbability. *drops the tone, smirks* ...When I feel like it.

Xytos: Hn, that depends. Either coffee shop barista, or preventing my psychotic sister from wiping out all of human kind. *shrugs* Ya know, all in a day's work.

Aydin: I am studying to be a great mage.

14: What do you do to relax?
Lelila: I enjoy grabbing a glass of wine from the auto-bar in the SPOON clan hall, sitting around and chatting with my friends. Unless it's snowing inside again. Or Kai's blowing the place up.

Xytos: Video games, man. You don't want to face me in Halo 3, I GUARANTEE you'll get a whooping!

Aydin: I like reading good books. The older and dustier, the better.

15:What do you do if someone teases you?
Lelila: *raises eyebrow* That depends. If it's some newbie that has no idea what's going on, I'd probably just turn them into a typo gremlin, or something. Intentional teasing, though? *pulls out her Riot Hammer and hefts it threateningly* Let's just say... don't sleep out in the open.

Xytos: Nobody teases me.  Everybody loves me.

Aydin: *sighs dejectedly*  It's okay.  I'm used to it.

16: What are your powers?
Lelila: *grins her wicked grin* Mmm. This is the beauty of Improbability. You can do anything you want with it. Sometimes. Improbability has a funny habit of not giving you what you want, but rather giving you what you need. Oftentimes, much to your own suprise. *a poof of green smoke lifts off her open palm, and a pair of black dice lay resting there. She rolls them across the air, where they clink after hitting an invisible wall. Snake eyes. She cackles darkly*

Xytos: *gives an appraising look, before standing*  Now, I don't show this to just anyone, understand? *Takes off his jacket, followed by his shirt.  He has the kind of body Greek sculptors used to dream of.  He turns around.  With a whoomph noise, two bright, white wings explode out of his back in a torrent of feathers.  His wingspan looks to be about ten feet.  He turns back around, smiling*  Not bad, eh?

Aydin: *boggles at the other two* Er.  I can, uh... c-cast magic spells... I almost always hit my target...

17: What's your worst trait?
Lelila: *sits up straight, with a mock-serious expression on her face*  I'm shy.

Xytos: *snickers*

Aydin: I... well, I suppose I do tend to perhaps complain a little bit.  When the situation calls for it.

18: Best trait?
Lelila: *brushes off the skirt of her Victorian suit* Most definitely my fashion sense.

Xytos: *smiles charmingly* All of them.

Lelila: *raises a brow* You're certainly full of yourself, child.

Xytos: *scoffs* Child? Were you not paying attention during the age question?

Lelila: Oh, I most certainly was. And while I can't remember my age, I promise you it is greater than one hundred and thirty one.

Xytos: *blinks, then leans in close with an inviting grin*  I always have liked older women, you know.

Lelila: *smiles back, defiant*  It would be really hilarious to put you in a cage fight with my boyfriend.

Xytos: *bursts into laughter* HA!  I would eat him for breakfast!

Lelila: *shrugs* Probably.  He'd put up a damn good fight first, though.  It would be entertaining.

Aydin: ...Did everyone forget about me??


I DEFINITELY want Merlin and Nicole to do this.  Definitely.  And I think anyone else that has original characters should, too.  Drop me a link in the comments if you do, k?


//LAYAHEAD said...

I heart Xytos XD

Carly said...

OH YEAH! You remember Xytos, right? I was like dude, I haven't written him in so many years, no one's gonna know what I'm talking about.


It would've been fun to have Arminia there too...

MzHartz said...

I like this meme. So I did it based on my characters from my book. Thanks for the idea!

//LAYAHEAD said...

Indeedy, I remember him. You should draw him again :x

So.. when and where can I read your nanwrimo story?

Ryu said...

Hey I did it. Go read it.