well... oops.

I have every intention to tidy up today, do some cleaning, unpack from my trip.  I want to do it, it's a mess in here.

On the other hand, I can go ahead and tell you right now that I know I'm not gonna do it.  I blame Katie: ...I restarted FFXII last night.  Who needs to do housework when you could be watching Balthier?

While I'm blaming Katie (and Merlin, for good measure), I'ma go ahead and blame you too, Gid.  May as well.


MzHartz said...

You know, I never finished FF XII. I never beat the last scene. I need to try that again...

Carly said...

Whaaa?? Go do it! Now! The ending is totally worth the 298471035 hours it takes to beat the final boss!