Good Omens.

It is three in the morning, and I just finished reading the best book that I have ever read in my entire life.

I am not exaggerating. I have read a lot of good books. I have read a lot of books that I thoroughly enjoyed. This one, that I just finished? Is the best book I have ever read.

It is called Good Omens, and it is by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, and it is amazing.

I'm far too sleep deprived to form coherent thoughts right now.  It was just SO GOOD.  On more than one instance I laughed so hard I was nearly crying.  My favorites, though, were the moments where I could do nothing but hug the book and squee loudly to myself.  That happened quite a bit.  I think, quite possibly, I might have kissed it at some point.  It was seriously just. that. good.

You know how when you're getting to the end of a book and you're reading fast and crazy because you want to see how it finishes and yet you're still kind of sad because you know once you're done it'll be all over and the story will be finished and you never want it to end?  I didn't really have that, because I knew that once I finished it, I was going to start it over again.  And again.  And again.

I am so ridiculously in love with this book.  And with Crowley, but that's a rant for another time.  Preferably a time other than three in the morning.


MzHartz said...

Oh yeah, Neil Gaiman rocks.

layahead said...

Ooo, maybe I should check that book out. I've read Stardust by Gaiman, and I loved it. It's one of my favs.

Carly said...

omg YES. You, of all people, would totally adore it. GO GET IT, please trust me!