who'd've thought.

So I can scarcely believe the words about to come out of my mouth (out of my keyboard?) but...

I actually really enjoyed myself, watching Twilight.

...I know, right?!  I went into it expecting abject dissapointment.  The previews looked corny, the posters hardly looked promising, and yet... I had a blast.

Though I would never recommend it to someone who hasn't read the book.  It kind of felt almost more like a visual guide to the text, you know?  Even though practically everything (with the exception of like, Charlie, and maybe Emmett) didn't look the slightest bit how I pictured it in my mind.  Can anyone explain to me why I was so positive Bella and Charlie lived in a cabin?

But I really did like it.  Some parts were kind of awkward, of course.  I didn't really like the whole way they did the "leik zomg ur a vampire rn't u" scene, but I guess they didn't exactly have time to do the whole hunting around for the meadow bit.  Also some of Bella's acting skills near the beginning left me a little meh.

The baseball scene?  MADE OF EPIC WINZ.  Love love love.  And Billy was totally cracking me up, as was Esme.  And, am I remembering incorrectly, or was Mike never that freaking adorable ever in the book?  Because I kind of wanted to hug him and pat him on the head and adopt him.  Along with Jacob.  Whom I adore (okay okay SSH, I still haven't read the last two books!).

...And omg, Carlisle.  Want.  Now plz.

So all in all, the experience was definitely a positive one, much to my shock and amazement.  I want to see it again.  Preferably sometime soon.  I do love me some dark fantasy sappy romance, I will not lie.

Did I mention I'm kind of madly in love with Carlisle?  No?  Because I kind of totally am.


Leah said...

Omg, I did not think you would fall for that fandom o.o Really. So you liked the book?

Yeah, I'm anti-twilight :x Ah, well.

Carly said...

Really? Any particular reason?

I really adored the first book. Second one was pretty... meh. I'm not putting much hope in the last two. The first one, though, is fluffy and romantic and angsty and useless and I really adore it. <3

And also I want to steal Carlisle away and keep him locked in a closet for my own personal use.

(ZOMG, I just had a crazy deja vu flashback of... bishie vaults... XD)

Carly said...


Leah said...

Ah, I see. Yeah, it's sort of fluffy and useless. I guess I didn't like it because it was kind of anti-feminist? Bella was such a boring, whiny character and was so dependent on Edward's 'love.' The only reason why they seemed to like each other was because he was hot and because she 'smelled good'. Idk. There wasn't alot of substance to it. It was sort of shallow.

I think I understand why you liked it though. I mean, I thought it was OK. I guess it's an alright book on the surface, but I really do not understand people who are OBSESSED with it. You know, those crazy fangirls who think it's the greatest book ever and Edward is the bestest boyfriend out there (I found him stalkerish and possessive.) Oh, and I think the author can't write ;x

P.S. I don't have a blogz?? Maybe I should make one. Would you read it? XD Idk if I'd update it.