evil cackle.

Heeeheheh... I'm a terrible, terrible person.

So there's this thread on the WriMo forums called Character Cemetery. You write a little eulogy for characters you've killed off in your story. I really wanted to post something, but... I wasn't really planning on killing off anyone important enough to have a name. Then an evil, evil thought struck me.

Here's what I posted:

RIP, Paul that works in the pharmacy

I know you're not dead yet, but you will be by the time I end this story. You were always the sweetest, nicest guy. It's not your fault Harleen didn't love you, despite your unwavering faithfulness and undying love for her. You were just too normal. It's not your fault she would rather spend her life with a psychotic criminal instead of you. It's also not your fault that said psychotic criminal is also a jealous homicidal maniac. You were the perfect nice guy. I'm sorry to inform you that Harleen isn't going to miss you at all. Mia will, though, because she's been secretly in love with you for a long time, and you two would have been absolutely perfect for each other. Them's the breaks, huh?

Rest in peace, Paul. At least he killed you quick.

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Ryu said...

XD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! That's great! Poor Paul. He never saw it coming...