Ungh. It's almost that time of year again.

Am I a lamer if I write a... a fanfiction? I mean, I just, erm... *shifty eyes*

I fear being judged by nano people who are cooler than I am. But like... I'm on such a Harley kick right now. I was reading this fanfic recently that was kind of a TDK retelling of Mad Love. It was interesting, and I liked the idea. I wouldn't mind taking a crack at my own version of the story, and if I run out of ideas it's not like I couldn't make up ten thousand other JHQ stories.

I don't know what else to write about! I did Ian and Aydin last year, and I'm waaay too far out of touch with Xytos and Arminia to try and call them back this year. Maybe next time, tho.

My goal this year is half-a-wrimo. Or at least 10k. 10k would be good.


Liza said...

You can do it!

No one cares if you write fanfiction. Or if they do, it doesn't matter :)

Merlin said...

You can do it!!

rah rah.....

I shall try again this year as well. we can encourage each other on!

Ryu said...

I know you can do it!!! :)

(I guess I could try, but I'm not sure what I'd be doing...) ^_^