Please ignore the following blog post. Please.

I can't believe Ramiel snuck by again! Sheesh. Can we please get rid of this girl? I'm not surprised Kristy made it, though... she pulled the "patriotic" card. At least she sang it really well. But it's like... who's gonna say anything negative about that song, you know? I'm... kind of sad about Chikeze. Chakezie. Whatever. I mean, I liked him a lot as a person, but he made some pretty poor song choices, you know?

No... the person I'm really mad at is Ramiel. People I like are leaving (sniff... Amanda...) and she just keeps hanging in there. Has she even been in the bottom three? I don't understand, she's really not all that good. She sounds like she's singing karaoke half the time.

And also... David Cook, ftw. Man... if that little Archuletta kid beats out David Cook, I will cry a thousand tears. David Cook is allowed to win, Carly is allowed to win, heck, even Jason is allowed to win (I know, he won't. Isn't he adorable, tho?) ...anyone but David Archuletta. Please.

Especially David Cook. \m/,

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Jasmine said...

Awwww, you don't like Ramiel? Well, she's gone now, so you should be happy. But I TOTALLY agree about David Cook!! And Carly. I'm not really a fan of Jason though.