So, on a more geeky note, tonight I tanked my first kingdom quest in the mmorpg I play (Fiesta... it's free! If you're into that kind of thing, come play with me on the Teva server.) It was a total blast! I mean, I'm only lvl 22, my def is like maybe 165 when I'm all buffed up... but I was the strongest fighter there, so I got to tank the bosses. What a power trip! Honestly, though, I was really nervous... because like, if I screwed up somehow, we'd lose and it'd be all my fault. But I had some pretty good clerics backing me up, and we pwn'd. I love tanking! It's my favorite.

And also? If someone would give me like, 50 silver, I promise to love them forever and ever and ever. Because I have the worst luck in the entire world enhancing. Seriously. I finally got my sword (it was green, too!) up to +7, but I keep on breaking shields. I've gone through like four in the past two days. No kidding. I have tremendous bad luck. And also am very poor. Boo.

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