omg what? I'm gonna talk about knitting? On my blog? What a novel concept!

No, it's actually a rant. Ready? Here goes.

So in the past couple of months, I've knitted items as gifts for people. Gifts that I sent through the mail. Because the people live far away from me. Knitted items I was proud of. Here's the kicker: neither recipient ever acknowledged to me that they received any kind of package from me, much less an item hand-knitted with love. I mean, for all I know, they got lost in the mail and some random person in like, Mozambique has a new lovely baby hat and man-scarf. Ok, the baby hat... I mean, she has a good excuse. I understand why she never said anything back, because apparently she was in the process of leaving her husband shortly after I sent it. The man, though? No. No excuse. It definitely should have gotten there by now. Maybe he doesn't get off of WoW long enough to check his mail.

Conclusion? I think I'm just going to stick to knitting items for myself. I mean, at least I know I appreciate my hard work, right?

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