So my little trip down to Chattanooga was a roaring success... my friends all had the appropriate reactions when I suddenly showed up unannounced. It was really great being down there for a little while. I really think it'll help pull me out of that funk that had been around my brain since I finished school. I mean... I've decided that I choose to be happy. I desire to be optimistic. It's up to me to decide how I want to feel about my life, and why waste time being mopey? No, next week I'm gonna go get some floofy part-time job, to get myself out of the house, and I'm gonna start sending in applications for "real" jobs like nobody's business. And I'm going to enjoy myself. I am going to be happy.

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Marji said...

Carly, I *know* this isn't what you'd want to do for a *real* career type job, but if you're looking for any type of part time job (that isn't retail or food service) I found out about one today.
I had to renew my license plates today at the licensing bureau and they had someone who was supposed to start working today that didn't show up. The girls working there said they are "desperate" (their words, not mine) for someone else to work there. It's the licensing bureau on Clarkson at Baxter in that strip mall there - all the way down to the end, sort of behind McDonalds.
it's a thought.