summer days.

Hi, blog. Been a while. I've been out of touch with the Internet for like four months now.

So, since I was last here, I've been to St. Louis, Jersey, Scotland, England, and New York. ...Man, so much. I don't really know where to start.

The whole summer was a total blast. Scotland was completely amazing. Alas, though, I have no tales of ale or hot Scottish boys. Too bad. Other than that, though, everything rocked. It was so beautiful. There were a lot of sheep. I ate haggis, and it was really pretty tasty, as long as you didn't think about it while you were eating it.

Camp was a lot of fun, too, though it was really hard sometimes, too. I learned a lot, and grew a lot. I feel older now than I did two months ago. I made some really good friends there. I really want to go back next summer... but who knows?

My entire life is really, really up in the air right now. You know how well I handle that, I'm sure... (hint: answer is, not at all). But I have a kind of peace about the whole thing. I'm not gonna go to Japan anymore. I'm moving back in with my parents in December. And... who knows what'll happen then?

Ooh, Dragon*Con is two weeks from yesterday. I can't wait! I'm gonna have the best costume in the whole convention, because Merlin is the best seamstress EVAR.

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