I'm having a strange problem today. It all began with this dream I had last night. It involved a lot of bugs. Big, kind of creepy but kind of pretty bugs. Really big, though. I finally spooked myself enough to wake up. Well, ever since then, I keep having bug-related problems today. Something icky and flying bothering me while I was brushing my teeth, bees buzzing around me... the two weirdest instances were within the past hour: before my science class, there was this tiny little beetle on my neck. Creepy. Then after class Merlin and I walked to my car, and just before we got home I felt something moving on my collar, and without even thinking I grabbed it and threw it... right at Merlin. It was an accident! Apparently it was a large beetle-creepy kind of thing, I never actually saw it, but Merlin jumped out of the car and threw it away. But now I'm all paranoid. And what's worse is that I have to go to a picnic tonight. Outdoors. Bugs everywhere.

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