42 degrees and snow? I think the meteorologists are on crack.

Slack, slack, slack. I need to get a Spanish tutor, because I suck. I hate asking for help. But there's no way I can do it on my own.

Merlin and I got our tickets for Dragon*Con next year. We're gonna go for the whole weekend this time round! I'm excited. We'll get to go to the crazy parties, woo! I wish we could have stayed for the Shindig last year, I really wanted to watch John get drunk and be an idiot... but Merlin wouldn't let me sleep with random 22 year old men. He was probably gay, anyway...

The illness of doom is finally passing from my apartment. Good thing, too, because I have way to much stuff to do to keep being sick. I feel bad, I'm not going to turn in my Photo 3 homework tomorrow. We have prints due, but I've barely even started shooting yet. It'll just have to wait till Monday, because I have a Spanish quiz tomorrow, and as previously mentioned, I suck. So I need to, you know, work on that.

I have a confession. I think that in the near future, I am going to create an AMV. I always hated AMVs. I thought they were stupid and annoying. But then someone just had to go prove me wrong, right? This person that I found on youtube... she made good AMVs. Wild, I know, but it's true. So now I have to try. It's a safe bet that I'll do it to the song "Particle Man", and that it will feature Sephiroth. Indeed.

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