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I'm addicted. I need to finish Final Fantasy XII. It's... amazing, really. I guess I'm about halfway done, we've put in 30 hours so far. I say "we" because Merlin and I have this fantastic gaming relationship (at least, it's fantastic for me), because she'll do all my leveling up for me. Yay! I hate leveling up. But anyway, so I wasn't so sure about this new combat system when I first started the game. I was just like "No, they can't make a Final Fantasy a action-RPG! That's illegal!" But it's certainly grown on me. I also wasn't such a fan of the licensing system... but I'm still not such a fan of it. It should NOT be this difficult to equip armor! Other than that, though, I LOVE it. Mmm, Balthier. Men have a new standard to live up to. It can't be that hard, all they have to do is be dashing, and chivalrous, and suave, and good looking, and kind, and strong, and confident, and, you know, basically every single thing a woman says she wants in a man. Come on, if Balthier can do it, why can't you?...

Buh, I need to get cracking on my SIP. In my defense, I hadn't received the approval of my topics until yesterday. My prof is kind of a slacker. But then again, so am I. Anyway I need to get my butt into gear, because I have an outline plan due on Tuesday. ...Which is day of prayer, yay! If it's not freezing (which it will be) maybe we can go camping.

I am pretty adamant about this not being a knitting blog, but I was just looking at the next issue of Intraweave Knits, and I have two words for you: entrelac socks. Freaking awesome.

PS: Oh yeah, I forgot I was all angsty and upset last blog entry. Well the result was... nope, he didn't let me pass. I was pretty angry. It still feels very unfair. I need to re-take the class next semester, but they're like 90% sure I can still walk. That reminds me, I need to email that guy. I don't want to re-take the class at Covenant, though, because I don't really ever want to have to talk to that professor. Ever again.

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