rabid fangirl.

I just got Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children in the mail. Mmm, Sephiroth.

Speaking of mmm, I also got Kingdom Hearts II this week. And guess what. ...Auron's in this one. AURON. I almost died. In a good way. And Riku got prettier. And there are SO many beautiful men in it!! Fangirl delight. KH2 is like girl nerd gamer porn. Yuuumm.

But alas, I cannot enjoy my wonderful fangirl-inducing things... I have a LOT to do. Well, I guess now I'm really just down to one big thing and one not-quite-as-big thing. I need to do my big photography project. ...Yeah, I'm definetly going to be in the photo lab for a pretty long time. Then I need to get the electric drill from my tech services boys (I <3 them!). I think Jon even has a clamp I can use.

So, buh. Lots to do. ...But I'm gonna play KH2 for a little while first.

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