Meh, it's getting to be that time of year again... everyone gets all stressed because there's a million things due and not nearly enough time to do it all in. I don't really have it that bad this semester, I've nearly finished with my three group projects (other than giving the presentations... ugh, public speaking!) then I have my big photography project that's due finals week, and my drawing final project (also due finals week), and my Global Trends final which won't be very hard at all, I think, no studying required, and my scary Database final. I hate that class.

This time of year also gets pretty squicky because everyone's tired of everyone else because you've been living with them for months now and we're all ready to be away from each other for a while. I mean, I'm just tired of people in general, but you know...

You know, I really wish my ex-boyfriend wasn't giving me cold-shouldered silent-treatment. I mean, I don't know... he knew I wanted to be friends again eventually, and it's been 7 months or something... feh. It doesn't really matter. It would just be nice if I didn't feel like he was glaring at me every time I'm in the same room as him.

I don't know. Boys, in general, just seem like so much more trouble than they're worth. I'll just stick with my fictional older men, thanks. (i.e. Auron, Remus...)

I was getting wigged out again last night, the realization that exactly one year from now I'm going to have to get a real life in the real world. Find a career and... ugh. Scary scary. Can't I just stay here? I mean not here at Covenant, just... here, in Chattanooga? I like Chattanooga.

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