Valentine's day is really quite interesting. The different ways that people react to it... I just don't really care that much. I mean, I don't like how commercialized it is, but it's nice to have a day to just love people, so I guess I just come up neutral, huh?

I had my hot Valentine's date on Sunday. (Heh). Merlin and I went to Kanpai of Tokyo, a teppanyaki grill place. It was fun, I love that place! But the chef was this young hispanic guy and he kept hitting on me, then after he left he was standing in the doorway from the kitchen staring at me. It was a little creepy. I new there was a reason I don't make myself pretty very often.

And yay for after-V-day sales! I got lots of cheap candy this morning, and some pretty flowers. Who needs a boy, eh?

My actualy February 14 consisted mostly of me playing Sims 2 all day. (What a nerd.) I took care of Jon Moon a little, which made me feel good. I like taking care of people. Then when Merlin got back from play practice at 11:30 I took care of her, too.

And huzzah for the play this weekend! My current assignment is trying to find people to go with me each night, since I'm going all four nights and I don't really want to go by myself. I need to see which night Carson's going. Maybe I can talk Josh into going with me one night.

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