firefly. <3

So there's this TV show called Firefly. Maybe you've heard of it. It's pretty much the most amazing television show I've seen since the first time I watched X-Files, and I'm very much tempted to say it's a far better show.

Firefly. It was aired on Fox a couple years ago. They only made 14 episodes, which they aired out of order, and it ended up getting canceled because Fox is teh dumb. It is by far the wittiest show I've ever seen. The dialoge is just amazing... what other show uses the word "corpseify" in two different episodes? It's smart and hilarious. That, and I've never, ever seen a show or movie taking place in space that actually paid attention to the fact that there is no sound in space. It's kind of a sci-fi western action comedy romance awesomeness. Go watch it.

Since it's been cancelled, it has gained a huge cult following, so there's a movie coming out in September, called Serenity. (That's the name of the ship. See, it's a Firefly class ship named "Serenity".) I can't wait to see it! And, it's looking like I'm going to get to go to a private screening before the movie comes out. Hee.

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